Three Types of Software That Benefit From a System Integrator

Many large companies today rely on enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems that provide wide ranges of functionality. Smaller businesses, though, tend to make use of software suites that are more specialized to particular purposes.

Unfortunately, such applications often fail to cooperate and coordinate as gracefully as might be hoped. Having an accomplished system integrator address the underlying issues can pay off in many ways.

Effectively Integrated Systems Combine to Produce More Value

One of the primary selling points for many ERP vendors today is how their deeply integrated products promote desirable results like efficiency, reliability, and comprehensiveness. Many companies that have not scaled up to the point where ERP systems make sense, though, can enjoy similar benefits by commissioning systems integration work.

Integrating two or more existing systems effectively will often solve problems while enabling plenty of positive progress and new options. Some of the types of systems that are most often targeted for integration projects include:

  • Databases. Many companies maintain two or more databases, sometimes even of entirely different versions. Databases can often be integrated quite simply with systems of other kinds such that easier access to digital information becomes the norm. In some cases, simply creating a special-purpose software bridge will allow a database to support other important systems more naturally.
  • Inventory management. Businesses that maintain inventories of products must have ways of making sure that they are always being managed effectively. There are many inventory management platforms on the market that can make this important work a lot easier. Having an expert integrate such a system with others that are in use will oftentimes produce impressive results.
  • Customer relationship management. Managing relationships with existing customers and leads is critical to many types of business. Tying a customer relationship management (CRM) system more closely to other pieces of software can open up many kinds of opportunities. While some CRM platforms boast of being easy to integrate with other systems, more specialized effort can pay off even in such cases.

A Simple Way to Make Software Systems More Useful

Software applications like these and others quite often benefit from the attention of experts who excel at integrating systems. Properly integrated systems can provide many of the benefits of industrial-strength ERP products at much lower costs.